Dear Bowhunter:

Just a brief note to thank you for expressing an interest in my products and to let you know my background.

Since 1960 I have custom made archery equipment for bowhunters who desired specifications which were not available in across-the-counter products. My 50 years-plus experience as a bowyer is more than a large majority of the others all lumped together.

All my bows are individually handcrafted to your order and are one of the very few truly custom-made bows on the market today. They are designed for ultra-high performance while maintaining simplicity and grace. Total production is very, very limited and will not be increased.

My recurves are not surpassed in smoothness of draw and arrow speed. These two items are most difficult to get in one bow. No one else has obtained this end.

The recurves are cut to the riser center line, not past. Cutting the arrow window to much past the center is a very dangerous thing to do in a wood riser.

The longbows are light in hand, rugged, but yet perform exceptionally well for the bowhunter desiring a return to traditional archery.

My pricing is such that you can get a very good bow at a reasonable price. Options are available at extra cost so you can custom-fit to your desires.

A 25% deposit is required on all orders. It is best to make a final payment with a money order or certified check to prevent shipping delays.

Overseas orders must be paid in full when the order is placed. Check should be payable on an American bank or you may direct deposit to my bank.

All bows carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Game taken with CHASTAIN bows include Mule deer, Whitetail deer, Sitka deer, Blacktail deer, Mountain goats, Bighorn sheep, Desert sheep, Dall sheep, Elk, Antelope, Caribou, Javelina, Moose, Black bear, Grizzly bear, Cape Buffalo, and numerous small game. Many make the Pope & Young listings.

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If you have any special requirements, please call to see if I can be of help. When you want a "custom bow", come to the experience and the place where you can get a true "custom bow!"

J.K. Chastain
Bowyer since 1960
Pope & Young Senior Member
CBA Life Member
NRA Member
Email: Sales@WorldClassBows.com


In the selection of a take-down bow I think you should be aware of the following descriptions of the five basic designs available.

They are:

(1) Quick-action snap lock
(2) Single bolt and pin
(3) Single bolt and pivot
(4) Slide-lock
(5) Two bolt per limb.

All have various advantages and disadvantages. I would like to point out these to prospective take-down owners so you can best be aware of problems you may encounter.

1. The quick-action snap lock systems usually are prone to breakage in the fragile locking mechanism and must be very precisely made to function properly. Thus, they are usually expensive and cannot be repaired readily.

2. The single bolt and pin systems are simple in design and easy to manufacture. However, they have the disadvantage of major potential damage to the bow limb(s) when a string breaks or is accidentally cut. All the bow energy must go somewhere and a string failure usually results in the limb(s) going forward with such force so as to damage the limb(s) at the mounting bolt.

3. The single bolt and pivot system is that commonly used on compounds and a few recurves. It allows the limb(s) to go forward under the same string breakage condition as discussed above resulting in possible drastic limb damage.

4. The slide-lock system is more expensive to manufacture. It also adds a little mass weight to a bow since the components are usually metal. However, these disadvantages are outweighed by the safe, sturdy method in which the bow limb is contained. It cannot go forward and tear out the mounting holes. It is also the quickest system to assemble and disassemble.

5. The two-bolt system (per limb) is the oldest and still the most dependable of all takedown designs. While being a bit slower to assemble (about 90 seconds) it gives perfect alignment, and is the most rigid, noiseless, trouble-free, and low-maintenance system available. The extra bolts do add a few ounces (about 2 oz.) to the bow mass weight.

For these reasons I think the slide-lock and two bolt systems are by far the best for bowhunting. Anyone interested in a take-down should seriously consider them over other methods of attachment. As long as the bow is under warranty, it is of little interest to the owner, but after warranty expiration, it should become a major concern.

J.K. Chastain
Bowyer since 1960
Pope & Young Senior Member
CBA Life Member
NRA Member
Email: Sales@WorldClassBows.com

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