World Class
Wapiti Bows
J.K. Chastain

Limited Lifetime**
Warranty *
Every "Wapiti" bow is numbered and accompanied by a registration form which must be filled out and mailed by the purchaser within 10 days after date of purchase.
Should failure occur in a bow so registered within a period of ONE YEAR after date of purchase, the J.K. Chastain Archery Co. will make free repair, or replacement if repair is not feasible, unless the bow shows evidence of misuse or improper handling. The bow serial number must be intact.
This warranty is non - transferrable.
No adjustment will be made until the damaged bow is returned to the J.K Chastain Archery Co. for inspection within 30 days of DEFECT. Replacement will be made with a bow of the same model and weight as near possible.
All shipping costs are the owners responsibility.
No Other Liabilities are assumed or implied.
* Bracing the bow by any methods except a bow stringer is not covered. For your benefit a bow stringer is provided with all NEW bows for stringing the bow. This condition does not apply to longbows.
** NEW: 1 Year 100%, 50% of list thereafter.
** USED: 30 Days 100%, 50% of list thereafter.
For a total of One Year. (Used only)

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