Ask The Bowyer!
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the Big Bull Series?

2. What is the Royal Series

3. What is the Imperial Series

4. What should the Brace Height be?

5. Can I use a Fast Flight string?

6. Are Fast Flight strings noisy?

7. What is a Flemish String?

8. What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a flemish string?

9. What is an Endless String?

10. What Materials are used in Strings?

11. Can I use Wood Arrows?

12. How should I Brace (string) the bow?

13. Do Recurve bows Break?

14. Can I get Extra Limbs for a Wapiti Takedown?

15. How tight should the Limb Bolts be torqued on a Wapiti takedown?

16. How should I mount a Quiver to a Wapiti takedown?

17. Do the Wapiti Recurves have a Crowned (High Center) arrow shelf?

18. Is the Arrow Window on the Wapiti Recurve cut past center?

19. Can I use my Wapiti Bow in Cold Weather?

20. How long have you made bows?

21. What is the Wapiti Bow Warranty?

22. What are S.A. Laminations?

23. Do you have a layaway plan for purchasing bows?

24. What advantage is Carbon Glass?

25. Do the Big Bull and TD have the same Limb Design?

26. How long of a Wait is there to get a Wapiti Custom Bow made?

27. Do you require a Down Payment before building a custom bow?

28. Is there a discount if I order an extra set of limbs?

29. Can I get 260 F.P.S.(feet per second) with a recurve or longbow?

30. Explain the Design of the Yellowstone, Bugle and Spike Longbows?

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